Goldstone Security & Electrical

Marc Goldstone 0418 120 232


  • Consultancy & Advice - We can provide advice on your requirements as needed.
  • Quotations - Free quotations for specified work or
  • Standard Charging - competitive pricing for work done - labour and materials with detailed invoices.
  • Invoice terms - 7 days after completion - We email invoices & pay by VISA/MasterCard or Bank Transfer. Progressive invoices may be made for longer jobs. All goods & services provided remain the property of Goldstone Security & Electrical until paid in full. 


  • Workmanship - All work warranted and meets relevant standards and industry best practice with Certificates of Compliance as required. 
  • Materials - Quality materials from our standard range with manufacturer warranty, please advise if you have any specific requirements. We can also install equipment supplied by you.